Hello there!

I'm Danielle and the face behind Ambition Digital Solutions.    

Starting and running a business can be dam hard.

I know what it feels like to hustle day in and day out trying to make it work.  Never quite knowing if the growth will continue or fall flat and you'll be back to square one.  

I have over 5 years experience running my own e-commerce and event based business. I've worked with some incredible coaches and mentors and have learned the ins and out of digital marketing.   And now I'm here to share my knowledge and help other business owners grow and thrive.  

 I like to think of us as a team, and when teams work well together anything can be achieved.  

Most business owners don't go into business so they can spend hours each day trying to sort out their online marketing.  So that's where we come in.  

See digital marketing is kind of my thing, and I know it's confusing and boring to a lot of people but I love it!  So if you're ready to start seeing results in your digital marketing, then I think we should talk.    

Danielle xx

Our Mission Is...

To empower women in business to achieve personal and financial freedom so they can live their life the way they want.

Choose Your Adventure

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Harness the power of the worlds biggest social media platform to target, attract and convert leads and sales.

Google Advertising

Ready to put your business right in front of people who are actively looking for your product or service, Google Advertising is the easiest way to achieve this.

E-mail Marketing

With an average return on investment of 122% E-mail automation and marketing is vital to acquiring and keeping new customers.

 "We engaged Danielle to assist us to expand on our marketing strategy for the retail side of our business (beyond just using organic content on socials). We handmake and small batch manufacture toys, so provide both retail direct to our customers and wholesale to other toy stores. Before Danielle started we were only making 3-5k per month retail and relying on the wholesale side of our business to make most of the money. We are now consistently having 5 figure months for retail and have been able to slow down on wholesale to increase our profits. This month’s Christmas campaign should see retail bring in 20-30k. Danielle has taught me a huge amount about the importance of a holistic marketing strategy, starting with list building, welcome flows and email automations, and then repurposing our organic content from socials for Facebook ads. After a year of tweaking and testing everything is now running beautifully. This frees me up as the business owner to work on designs and business planning. I can now also spend way less time on socials and way more time with my children. I highly recommended Ambition Digital’s expertise and services.."

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