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Facebook Ads Manager Bootcamp $47 AUD


  • Learn how to get your Facebook foundations set up properly for long term, sustainable success.
  • Learn the 3 things every business needs to have in place before even turning an ad campaign on.
  • Figure out which audiences you should be targeting so you can get the right eyes on your product.
  • Watch and learn as we do a live campaign set up, so you can see exactly how to get the most out of your ad campaigns.
  • Finally get your pixel set up and installed correctly AND have one of our team check over it personally.

About the Course Creator

Hi! I'm Danielle and the face behind Ambition Digital Solutions.    

Starting and running a business can be dam hard. I know what it feels like to hustle day in and day out trying to make it work.    

Never quite knowing if the growth will continue or fall flat and your'll be back to square one.    

I have over 5 years in business running my own e-commerce and event based business. I've worked with some incredible coaches and mentors and have learned the ins and out of digital marketing.    

And now I'm here to share my knowledge and help other business owners grow and thrive.    

I like to think of us as a team, and when teams work well together anything can be achieved.    

Most business owners don't go into business so the can spend hours each day trying to sort out their online marketing.    

So that's where we come in.    

See digital marketing is kind of my thing, and I know it's confusing and boring to a lot of people but I love it!  
So if you're ready to start seeing results in your digital marketing, then I think we should talk.    

Danielle xx